Chocolate and pistachio bark

Chocolate Bark Makes a Perfect Homemade Gift

Homemade chocolate bark is easy to make yourself. Using the Folding Proofer avoids scorching chocolate and also prevents the moisture from seizing chocolate. Select toppings of your choice and sprinkle the warm melted chocolate with granola or use crushed peppermint candy to coat the warm chocolate bark for a holiday season treat. Chocolate bark is the perfect gift for someone special.

Yield: Equals the amount of chocolate being used.
Timing: Varies according to the type and amount of chocolate selected. With the temperature set at 115 °F / 46 °C, a 1‑lb / 0.5‑kg solid block of dark chocolate will gently melt in about 2.5 hours. After it is melted, the Proofer can hold the melted chocolate for an extended time at 90 °F / 32 °C.


Dark, milk, or white chocolate containing cocoa butter.

Selected topping options:

  • Nuts: Candied or plain pecans, honey-roasted peanuts, toasted almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts.
  • Fruits: Dried cherries, cranberries, blueberries.
  • Seeds: Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.
  • Candy: Sliced peanut butter cups, toffee pieces, peanut or plain candy.
  • More chocolate: Chopped mint or drizzled melted chocolate in a contrasting color.

Another option is to make more than one kind from each batch of melted chocolate. Make half with dried fruit and nuts and cover the other half with a different topping.

Equipment: Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker (without water tray), thermometer, bowls, spoons or utensils, a flat baking pan sized for quantity of chocolate selected, and aluminum foil.

All surfaces in contact with the chocolate should be thoroughly clean and dry. Consider the temperature and humidity of any surfaces or tools your chocolate will come in contact with. For example, a very cold spoon could develop condensation when moved to a warm area. The resulting moisture will likely cause your chocolate to seize, becoming lumpy and unworkable.

Simple Steps

Melting the Chocolate. Set up the Proofer with the wire rack in place but without the water tray. Set the temperature to 115 °F / 46 °C and then put chocolate in a bowl and place on the rack in the Proofer. Wait for the chocolate to melt.

Seeding the Chocolate. To temper white, dark, or milk chocolate for beautiful shine and snap, stir in seed chocolate and follow the instructions on tempering chocolate.

Spreading the Chocolate. Spread the chocolate about ¼ inch / 0.5 cm thick on a foil-lined baking sheet.

Topping the Chocolate. Sprinkle your choice of toppings over the chocolate. Allow the chocolate bark to cool and harden. Cut or break the bark into pieces.

More Reasons to Love Chocolate Bark

Yet another beautiful thing about chocolate bark is that you can make more than one kind from each batch of melted chocolate. Go ahead and make half with dried fruit and nuts and half with a candy topping. You get twice the variety with practically no additional effort.

As for the type of chocolate, use whatever kind you like, whether it is milk, dark or white chocolate. For information on tempering different chocolates: How to Temper Chocolate.

If you are already making one or more kinds of cookies, chocolate bark makes a great addition to a mixed plate of cookies.

White chocolate pistachio and cranberry bark

Wrapping It Up

Some of the best gifts are homemade. Make your own holiday treats or presents for any season or event during the year.

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