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Brød & Taylor was founded on a passion for making wholesome food from scratch. Our products and recipes aim to transform this often challenging process into a simple pleasure. We strive to create products that blend innovative design with simplicity and affordability.

Che Mario Fabbri with the Sahara Dehydrator

Our first product, the folding proofer, was a novel home-made gift from Brod & Taylor’s founder, Michael Taylor, to his elderly mother-in-law. She needed a reliable way to rise bread in her small – often cold – South Dakota kitchen. Requests from other bakers soon followed. So began his quest to develop a proofer that could be built for everyone. And of course, it had to fold for easy storage. A seemingly endless process of designs, prototypes and tests finally led to the first Folding Proofers hitting the market in 2012.

Michael Taylor, founder of Brod & Taylor with a folding proofer prototype

Innovation From the Ground Up

Lots of companies talk about innovation. We deliver it. From radical industry-changing knife sharpeners to the revolutionary Sahara folding food dehydrator, we create and deliver products never seen before. If you are already a fan – rejoice – because we’re just getting started.

Bread and the Folding Proofer on a table

From the early days of “what the heck is that?” the Folding Proofer is now beloved by countless bakers who sing its praises. And not just for bread. Accurate temperature control for culturing, fermentation and slow-cooking make this versatile appliance a true workhorse in creative kitchens around the globe. And we didn’t stop there.


Our Roots

Nestled in a small town in the heart of the Berkshires in Northwestern Massachusetts, Brød & Taylor thinks big. Kitchen appliances aren’t worth much without something to cook. We know that wholesome food fuels a healthy life, and that starts with quality ingredients. That’s why we support and promote our local farms and markets.

Remarkable Service from Real People

When you contact us you don’t get a bot or a service agency. You will talk to real people who use and understand our products. We go the extra mile to make sure all our customers get the most out of every purchase.

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