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Roasted Peach Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Homemade Greek yogurt and roasted peaches combine to make a dreamy summer dessert. Custard-style yogurt made in the Proofer gives this recipe a thick, creamy and nutritious base.

Fresh, ripe summer peaches are sublime. For this wonderful peach frozen yogurt recipe, we roast the peaches to concentrate their flavor and use strained Greek yogurt as a base to produce a luxurious, thick and creamy texture. It’s healthy, refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. Prepare a double recipe if you are expecting summer guests – this cool dessert disappears fast!

Homemade Greek Yogurt Base. For the base of this frozen dessert we make our own custard-style yogurt recipe and then strain overnight in the refrigerator. The heating process used for custard-style yogurt denatures the milk proteins, which allows more of the protein to remain in the yogurt after straining and contributes to the thick and creamy texture of the frozen dessert. The beneficial cultures in yogurt are still active after freezing, so your beautiful homemade dessert is also a super healthy one, with plenty of protein and live cultures. Greek yogurt is the perfect foundation for a simple summer cool-down dessert!

Choose Ripe Peaches
The secret to this frozen yogurt is finding ripe peaches: the better the peaches, the stronger their flavor. Look for fresh peaches with a good, strong peach fragrance.

Add Sugar to Taste
This recipe has just enough sugar for a not-too-sweet palate. Additional sugar can be added to the fruit, or the mixture can be tasted and corrected for sugar after it is fully mixed. When tasting remember that it will seem a little less sweet once it is frozen. If adding sugar to the final mixture, use superfine sugar or a dissolved-sugar syrup like corn syrup or honey. Regular granulated sugar does not dissolve easily at cold temperatures. Superfine sugar can be made by grinding sugar in a food processor, spice mill or coffee grinder.

fresh sliced peaches
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Yield: Makes about 4-5 C / 1 L of frozen yogurt.


U.S. Volume
U.S. Weight
Metric Volume
Metric Weight
Custard-style whole milk yogurt,
strained overnight*
4 C34 oz950 ml964 g
Fresh peaches, peeled and thinly sliced
about 5 peaches32 ozabout 5 peaches907 g
Lemon juice2 tsp0.2 oz10 ml5 g
Sugar6 T2.6 oz6 T75 g
Vanilla extract½ tsp0.07 oz½ tsp2.1 g
Optional: fruit for garnish
*Note: There will be about 2½ C / 590 ml of very thick yogurt after straining.

Equipment: Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer for making the yogurt base; ice cream freezer and a pre-frozen 4 C / 1 L container for storing the frozen yogurt.

Get Ready. Make the custard-style yogurt and strain overnight, covered, in the refrigerator. When ready to roast the peaches, preheat the oven to 350 °F / 177 °C.

Roast the Peaches. In a medium bowl, toss the peaches with lemon juice. Place them on a sheet pan and sprinkle the sugar over top. Bake at 350 °F / 177 °C for 1 hour, turning the peaches every 15 minutes to coat the fruit with melted and caramelizing sugar. This also prevents the fruit from browning too much. The peaches will give off a lot of moisture, be careful of the steam when opening your oven. Use a spatula to transfer the peaches and all the remaining caramelized juices to a bowl. Cool thoroughly. Chop or mash the peaches into pieces small enough to fit through the holes in your ice cream maker’s dasher.

yogurt in a drainer

Mix, Chill and Freeze the Frozen Yogurt. Fold the roasted peaches and vanilla extract into the strained yogurt and mix thoroughly. Taste and correct for sugar, adding superfine sugar, corn syrup or honey if needed. Chill the pre-mix thoroughly in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Freeze according to your ice cream maker’s instructions. When the frozen yogurt is ready, serve soft frozen yogurt immediately or transfer to the pre-chilled container and allow to freeze until a little more firm. If desired, garnish with fresh fruit.

whole and sliced yellow peaches


Peach Yogurt Popsicle
When the yogurt is soft-frozen from the ice cream maker, spoon it into molds, freeze 30 minutes, insert sticks and then freeze until firm. Frozen yogurt pops made with fresh fruit taste great and are nutritious, too.

Peach Yogurt Smoothie
In a blender, combine 3 scoops Roasted Peach Frozen Yogurt, 2 T / 9 g vanilla whey protein powder, ½ cup blueberries / 75 g, and 1 peeled and sliced peach / 170 g. It’s an easy, delicious smoothie.

Frozen peach yogurt bars
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