Pickle Powder Popcorn

(by Mario Fabbri, TV Host, Trying Vegan with Mario)

Popcorn flavored with pickle powder, dill, and nutritional yeast

This recipe is strictly for pickle lovers. Dehydrated pickles are PACKED with flavor. They make a great seasoning for popcorn. To make pickle powder, dehydrate pickle slices on 130 °F / 54 °C for 10-14 hours, until crispy. Then grind them into a powder.

Time & Temperature: Dehydrate at 130 °F / 54 °C for 10-14 hours. 
Equipment: SAHARA Folding Dehydrator.


  • 12 oz jar of pickles
  • 2 C cooked popcorn
  • 3 T nutritional yeast
  • 3 T dill


  • Dehydrate pickle slices on 130 °F / 54 °C for 10-14 hours.
  • Grind the pickles into a powder.
  • Season your popcorn with the 2 T of the pickle powder, nutritional yeast, and dill to taste.
Dehydrated pickle powder
Pickle powder popcorn ingredients

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